1. The Library of Patna University is purely an academic Library.

2.The Library shall remain functional only on working days as per the following time schedule:

Reading and Periodical section: 9 AM to 7 PM

Research, Reference & Manuscript section: 10:30 AM to 4:30 PM

It shall remain closed on Sundays and on the holidays notified by the Patna University.

3. It is primarily accessible only to the teachers, students and employees of the Patna University.

4. Readers are prohibited from bringing their own books and any type of reading materials inside the Library. Any academic activity can be undertaken only with the books available in the Library.

5. The entry of the Ex-students of Patna University into the library is strictly prohibited. However, after seeking permission of the library authority they may be allowed to avail the facility of this library.

6. Keeping use of bags, cameras and outside reading materials are prohibited in each & every section of the Library. However, laptops without bags are allowed only after seeking permission of the library authority.

7. Use of mobile phones inside any section of the Library is strictly prohibited.

8. Students shall be allowed 10 enter the library campus only on the basis of identity card issued by the library itself for the current session. The process of procuring the library identity card is stated below

a) Membership from shall be obtained after payment of Rs.10 as from charge to the employee at the reception counter.

b) Membership from (duly filled ) and subsequently certified by the concerned head of the institution shall be submitted at the reception counter along with a fee of Rs.100.00(one hundred)per identity card.

c)Identity cards under the signature of the librarian/Prof. in charge of the library shall be issued at the earliest only after scrutiny.

9. A library borrower’s card shall be required for the issuance of book/ books on their name for its study at their residence for a specified period. It can be procured form the library on deposition of the fee as stated below:-

Registered Research Scholars = Rs. 500.00

Regular students = Rs. 300.00

Apart from above mentioned charges, members shall have to deposit the following amount as refundable caution money.

Registered Research Scholars =Rs. 1000.00

Post-Graduate students = Rs. 500.00

Under Graduate students = Rs. 300.00

With the completion of the academic session the security money shall be refunded to the students after making a 10% of deduction from it. The such caution money will be forfeited, in case, the borrower's card issued earlier is not returned in the office.

The number of books to be issued at one time on one borrower's card shall be in the following manner :

Teachers and Researchers : Four books

Post-Graduate students: Three books

Under Graduate students and Non Teaching employees : Two books

10. Book / Books to be kept in personal possession shall be issued only for a fortnight (fourteen days). It shall have to be returned to the Library on 15th day from the date of issue otherwise a late fine amounting @ one rupee a day for each book shall be chargeable.

Note: The provision of late fine shall also be applicable on any of the reading materials issued by any section of the Library.

11. The identity card shall be issued to students belonging to only those institutions from where the total students subscription amount towards the library has been remitted in library account within a period of one month after the closure of the admission schedule.

12. Any identity card and borrower's card shall be valid only for the current academic session. After the end of the session ,the student shall be required to submit a fresh application along with the recommendation of the Head of the concerned institution for the extension of his membership. After proper scrutiny, further extension shall be provided to the applicant.

12. In case, either identity card or borrower's card is lost, a duplicate fresh one shall be issued only after realization of required fee again.

14. In case of the lost issued book, the person concerned shall have to deposit as fine an amount four times more than the printed price of the book mentioned in the library register.

15. The books collected in the library forty years earlier or more shall not be issued.

16. Neither any book nor any reading material shall be carried outside the library for the purpose of Xeroxing (photocopy) or any other kind of activity. However, in special circumstances after seeking the permission of the Librarian / Prof.-in-Charge (Library), a book or any kind of reading material may be taken outside for Xeroxing under the supervision of an authorized Library employee.

17. Research Section:-

a) Ph. D. Research dissertation/thesis shall in no case be issued.

c) Research Scholars of the University shall have to submit an application along with the recommendation of the Supervisor and subsequently the Head of the concerned Postgraduate Department of this University in the reception counter of the library for seeking permission of the Librarian/Prof. in charge (library) to use this section.

d) Teachers or employees of other Universities or Institutions shall also be required to take prior permission of the Librarian/Prof. in charge(library) to use this section.

e) ‘Teachers of Patna University, not required to seek prior permission of the Librarian/Prof. in charge (library) to use this section, shall ,however, be required to present their identity card or any other identity proof such as Voter I card, PAN card, Driving License to the section-in-charge.

f) Only 40% of Ph.D. dissertation (30% of Medical faculty) shall be permissible for the purpose of Xeroxing but photograph ,observation table and result shall in no case be permitted for being Xeroxed.

g) In case of Ph. D. dissertation issued previously is lost, a fine amounting to rupees five thousand per thesis/dissertation shall be charged from the concerned person.

18. Reference section: -

For accessibility to this section it is essential to deposit original identity card or other identity proof to the section in-charge.

19. Manuscript Section: -

a) Prior permission of the Librarian/Prof. in charge (library) shall be necessary for any kind of academic activity in this section. However, it can be undertaken only under the supervision of unauthorized library employee.

b) Xeroxing of the manuscript shall be strictly prohibited. However in special circumstances it can be permitted only after the permission of University administration.

c) Even carrying camera and mobile phone in this section is strictly prohibited.

20. For entry into library on working days other persons shall be issued entry card which would remain valid for a fixed period.

21. Any student, when found of violating any of the rules or regulations of the Library during casual inspection either by the University Administration or Library Administration shall be liable to be put to strict legal action even to the extent of his expulsion from the University.

22. Any complaint regarding inconveniences may be given in writing either to the Librarian/Prof. in charge (library) or at the reception counter of the library. The copy of the complaint may also be submitted either to the Proctor or Dean of Student's Welfare of the University. After receiving the complaint the library administration is expected to take necessary measures for the redressal of the grievances.

23. Teachers, students and employees are solicited to acquaint with their valuable suggestions which may facilitate the progress of the Library.